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Friday, January 30, 2009

Purple Wreath - Mother's Day Card

I am going to teach how to make this wreath at my next quilling class - for intermediate quillers. The colors didn't photograph as well as I had hoped - although it still looks pretty. The darker blue is really a deep violet (but you can't tell in the picture). Oh well! I'm also going to be making other wreaths for my students to choose from - same amount of each kind of flowers, but different arrangements and color schemes. I will post them as they are finished - all the flowers are quilled, just not arranged yet, so they will be coming over the next couple of days. Thanks for looking - feel free to comment!


  1. The wreath is absolutely stunning! Great work, as usual!

  2. I started making a second one like I promised, then I noticed cobwebs in the corners of the room. I'm taking back what I said about making more - one will have to do. I've got to clean house!!!

  3. That's a lovely arrangement. The colours are beautiful!
    Housework!! stop swearing!! lol

  4. Beautiful! This is a Mother's Day card to cherish forever!


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