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Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Beginnings

I have finally gotten my quilling "groove" back on. In early April, I felt an itch to quill again, so I started creating patterns and then cleaned out my craft cabinet, organized my quilling supplies, made an order for new quilling supplies and jumped into it. I was thinking it would take me months to complete another project, but here I am with a completed project in hand and I couldn't me more happy. I'm excited about moving on to the next project soon.

All of the patterns I've created are fantasy art. This first one is, I believe, very appropriate - a phoenix rising from the flames - rejuvenated. That's how I feel about quilling. After taking a really long break, I'm rejuvenated, too. So here's to new beginnings:


I'm finally putting this piece up for sale - it'll go into an art show this weekend with my parents as my agents as I can't be there personally. Wish me luck! As part of the representation of this work of art, I decided to also write a poem to go along with it. So here it is:

New Beginnings

Out of the fire I rise,

renewed and rejoicing.

Soaring above the ashes

confirming that life is eternal.

Once again flying towards the sky

embracing the gift of new beginnings.

Brenda Brownlee 2011©

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