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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Insomnia - Sometimes not such a bad thing!

I was up with the baby at 4am this morning and then couldn't go back to sleep. So, doing what I do all too often - instead of trying harder to get sleep - I got up and quilled two new cards. I particularly like how the cream and gilded cream LOVE card turned out. If you want to know where my inspiration came from - it was another free font - this time called "Fontanessi" - I adapted it slightly for quillability. I just downloaded several more quillable fonts yesterday, so I may try more later.
I really should be quilling the Scottie dog, but as you can see, I've been avoiding it. I will repent and start probably this weekend. I still have two more cards to do for a friend and then I'll be done with my excuses. Although they aren't really valid as I could have worked on the Scottie this morning - other than fill-in work isn't all that fun. It's end result is worth it, but I guess I'm too young - feeling young - mid 30s really, but feel like I should have been born a decade later - to want to do much of it other than with my drive to earn some of my own spending money so I don't have to dip into our joint account and we can pay off student loans. Card making is much more enjoyable as I can get a card done in a couple of hours versus a couple of weeks of fill-in work (for projects as big as the Scottie which will be approximately 5"x7"). It feels more like real work and with four kids AND homeschooling the oldest two, don't I have enough work already? Like I said, money drives me - petty, I know, but how else am I going to be able to stay home with my kids and still buy fun stamps, paper, punches, etc, etc?
And, that could have segued unassumingly (until I had to open my big mouth) into....These cards will be for sale at my Etsy shop (by tonight - I promise), but once they're gone, they're gone. Those of you in the US, do you remember from Saturday Night Live about 15-20 years ago?..."If you drop your keys in hot lava, man, once they're gone, they're gone." I still think it's funny. I guess you'd have to have my warped sense of humor to think that is even remotely funny. I'll just laugh by myself at myself with myself. Obviously I need some sleep...Until next insomniac stroke of genius...


  1. Wow, Brenda or should I say "Queen Guiller" your work is exquisite! I love the new LOVE card and also the red heart in your last post! What a great thing to do with your insomnia. Do all moms have that?
    Yes, I can laugh with you at the SNL joke--my bro's and I used to watch often.
    I would love to know where you served and how your mission went. There are three (older men, served in the 50's and 60's)) returned missionaries in my home ward who served in Finland.
    Utah has had quite the inversion lately--one day of sunshine yesterday (but cold) and now it is back to the gray...ho hum! Several missionaries do Facebook, do you? (I don't really get on much--Kati "Ero" Eronen invited me.
    Hope you and all your little ones are well.

  2. Love the hearts and the letters! Way to go!

  3. Your hearts are very pretty! and the letters are very clever! you have some great ideas!


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