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Monday, September 29, 2008

Christmas Quilled Cards

I think it would be easier to view my quilled work if I pasted the photos into posts. So, this is the new format. If you happen to be one of those (and I know there are a lot of you out there as this blog isn't widely known about yet being so freshly created), ignore my new formatting words.

Here are the Christmas Quilled Cards.

Green & Gold Poinsettia Card Burgundy Poinsettia Card
I'm teaching how to make these for Super Saturday.

Nativity Card
This design was borrowed (with permission of course) from a lady in Argentina. I taught the Laurels in our ward how to make this card. They helped me a couple weeks later teach the other YW how to make simple flower cards - I don't have an image yet, sorry.

Jane Jenkins Nativity Design
Jane Jenkins design (expert quiller - http://jjquilling.co.uk/index.html) One of my friend's hubby thinks it looks like a bird swallowing it's young. We had to explain that Mary isn't sitting in a nest (although I can see that), but sitting on some straw.

I've got more Christmas cards to share, but need to tend to my mom duties. Will post more later.


  1. It is fun that you are teaching at SUper Saturday... do you think maybe a little tutorial here would be doable?

  2. A tutorial? I can send you a link for a tutorial of basic quilling: http://www.parchcraftaustralia.com/quilling%20corner.htm


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