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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Purple Wreath - Directions

I decided to post the directions for this wreath I'll be teaching in my class this Saturday. Please note, however, that I am horrible at writing techniques (it's so much easily just to demonstrate to a live audience) - so I'll just tell you the size strips you need rather than explaining the technique for roses and fringed flowers. If you don't know how to do these things - most good quilling books have the techniques explained. One of my favorites is Alli Bartowski's "Paper Quilling for the First Time" - it explains both folded roses and fringed flowers in it.

Supplies Needed:
5”x10” lilac (I used Bazzill Basics “Cool Heather”) cardstock folded into 5”x5” card
5/8” wide quilling strips (lilac, purple)
3/8” wide quilling strips (lilac, purple, deep violet, blue, ivory)
1/8” wide quilling strips (yellow, green)
4 ½” diameter vellum circle (printed greeting optional).

Fringed Flowers:
3 – 6” lilac fringed (5/8) with 6” (1/8) tight roll yellow centers
3 – 6” purple fringed (5/8) with 6” (1/8) tight roll yellow centers
3 – 3” deep violet fringed (3/8) with 3” (1/8) tight roll yellow centers
3 – 3” purple fringed (3/8) with 3” (1/8) tight roll yellow centers
3 – 3” lilac fringed (3/8) – no center
3 – 3” blue fringed (3/8) – no center
4 – 6” purple folded roses
4 – 6” ivory folded roses
4 – 6” deep violet folded roses
4 – 6” blue folded roses
10 – 4” green marquis
5 – 8” green marquis
9 – 3” green loose scrolls
6 – 4” green v-scrolls
6 – 2” green loose scrolls

Glue vellum circle to the card (using a clear adhesive roller) - I use a ruler to make sure it's centered on the card before sticking it down. Assemble flowers around the edge of vellum – prior to gluing them down. Assemble large fringed flowers first. Then, assemble other fringed flowers and roses as looks good to you – keeping in mind that you want to have a fairly even “thickness” for the entire wreath. After flowers are assembled as pleasing to you, glue down flowers. Finally, add greenery, again I suggest dry fitting it around the wreath prior to gluing it so you make sure you have it where you want it.

Have fun with it! The only thing I ask is that you use this card/wreath for your own personal use only. Unless, of course, you want to sell it at a local craft/art show. In that case, go right ahead! Please don't sell it online. It wouldn't be fair to me as the designer.


  1. Your instructions are very clear! thx for posting this.

  2. hi, your quilling works are very proffecional.
    i love them.very artistic and enjoyeble.you have done a great job

  3. your quilling cards are amazing.i love them so much.i am also trying to work it out but still i didn't come to your stage.

  4. You laid to rest {no pun intended} how easy it seems to be to create the wreaths. I am pleased, however, to see that the creations were not nearly as big as the pictures of the finished work. Out of curiosity, can you tell me how long it took for the students to do the wreaths, what level of experience each had and how easy/difficult was it for them to follow the instructions?

    Many thanks again,

    South Australia

  5. Hi,
    Can you tell me please how long it took the students to complete their amazing work of quilling? I was pleased to see that the size of the work was limited by the material on which they were using to glue their quilling. Though the instructions were clearly written, I may have a challenge before me in comparing my attempts with those depicted, but perhaps I'm being too critical at this stage, so each project differs from another's and thus won't look as good or may look better.

    Many thanks.

    All the best,
    South Australia

  6. It took my students about 3 hours to complete the wreath from start to finish. Two out of the three students were true beginners - only having quilled once before. I had hoped they would have practiced a bit at home in between classes (the beginner's class where they had initially learnt to quill was three weeks previous to this wreath class). But, they admitted to me they didn't do any quilling during that time. Just goes to show that quilling can be picked up without much practice. However, I don't recommend not practicing - you will get better as you do. Hope that answers your question!

  7. Lovely card and clear instructions ! I have just started quilling and loved your tutorial .


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