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Thursday, November 20, 2008

More Christmas Quilling

These are my newest nativities made for family Christmas gifts. I was going to make several smaller ones for friends, but time is running out. So, friends, you'll just be getting quilled Christmas cards this year. I'm not super woman as much as I'd like to be and my aspirations continue to be larger than my abilities.

This (below) is the white poinsettia card from Super Saturday. I originally had planned to have everyone make only green or burgundy, but I thought white would be really pretty, too. Good thing my mental image was right on course. I actually think that the white cards are the prettiest of them all now that I've made some. I guess it's just a personal preference, though, because when sharing these photos with my quilling yahoo group, the vote was still undecided about which color was their favorite.
Here's all the cards we did:

It was fun teaching, but I think if I'm asked to do it again next year, I'm going to teach an even simpler card. Maybe I won't teach at all - maybe Megan can do her stamping cards. Then I can actually get the other things I signed up for finished at the super saturday. But, honestly, if asked, I'm not turning anyone down. I love sharing this art form with anyone willing to learn.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Thanksgiving Gobbler

Here's a cute little turkey that I created to teach the homeschool group quilling.

And below are some of the kids' turkey creations:

I thought the kids did really well considering the youngest was 6 years old and the oldest was only 12.

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