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Monday, January 26, 2009

Hooray for Bartering!

Okay, so you are probably sick of seeing these different filigree heart cards, but I promise none are the same - I'm not recycling old pictures over and over again. These two cards are especially great because I bartered a sweet deal - 5 slotted tools for a few filigree heart cards. My friend Janet (see today's earlier post) had purchased the slotted tools for a quilling class I taught to the young women (ages 12 - 18) at our church. I had been just borrowing the tools for other quilling classes, but then thought I really should just purchase them from her. I tried to pay for them and being the lovely person that Janet is, she didn't want to accept payment for them. Well, that doesn't fly with me when I know that taking advantage of someone's generosity isn't something I intend to make a habit of, SO I bartered. Yep, good old-fashioned bartering! I love bartering and am thinking about starting a campaign to reinstate the system (tongue in cheek).

Three cheers for bartering! Hip! Hip! Hooray!


  1. I am so glad that you were able to do the blog update! I was getting worried that you had fallen off the edge of a quilling tool! Good Barter!!! Your sis - Barbara

  2. Great idea, although I think Janet got the better end of that barter!

  3. Thanks alot Brenda

    Loved your blog as well..such detailed quilling you do..AWESOME!!!
    Christmas Quillings are just amazing...
    Thanks again for visiting my blog.
    Feels great to read all these inspiring comments.

  4. Well done with your bartering! and your filigree hearts are gorgeous!

  5. your quilled hearts are so beautiful! keep up the good work :) even i do a lot of quilling and other paper crafts.. do visit my blog sometime :) www.littlepinkpebbles.com


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