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Monday, January 26, 2009

Quilling Queen Doll

Yet again I have a post where no actual quilling will be shown (but I promise to update with real quilling later this week - I'm working on some more Valentine's cards - maybe too sugary sweet and not even Valentine's day - I know, but it was a great barter for me - traded four quilled Valentine's cards for 5 slotted quilling tools to use in my quilling classes).

Now that's been explained, on to the reason for posting a "non-quilling" item. My dear friend Janet made me a "Quilling Queen doll" - her title for me, not my own - I realize there are far better quillers out there than me and - it's not a competition anyway - we do what we do because we LOVE it and that's that!

My new avatar shows part of the doll. Here's the full-length picture below - notice how she got the slotted tool looking so perfect? The ones from Michaels stores have the same blue handle:

Can you see why I had to post about this? Who wouldn't be thrilled about getting a replica paper doll of themselves? Especially when it's so flattering!


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