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Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Beginnings

I have finally gotten my quilling "groove" back on. In early April, I felt an itch to quill again, so I started creating patterns and then cleaned out my craft cabinet, organized my quilling supplies, made an order for new quilling supplies and jumped into it. I was thinking it would take me months to complete another project, but here I am with a completed project in hand and I couldn't me more happy. I'm excited about moving on to the next project soon.

All of the patterns I've created are fantasy art. This first one is, I believe, very appropriate - a phoenix rising from the flames - rejuvenated. That's how I feel about quilling. After taking a really long break, I'm rejuvenated, too. So here's to new beginnings:


I'm finally putting this piece up for sale - it'll go into an art show this weekend with my parents as my agents as I can't be there personally. Wish me luck! As part of the representation of this work of art, I decided to also write a poem to go along with it. So here it is:

New Beginnings

Out of the fire I rise,

renewed and rejoicing.

Soaring above the ashes

confirming that life is eternal.

Once again flying towards the sky

embracing the gift of new beginnings.

Brenda Brownlee 2011©


  1. Very cool, I bet Dad would love this piece too. :D

  2. He'll love it, but it's not for him - it's actually going to go up for sale. I'm going to sell it at one of the Fantasy Book cons he and Mom attend. I need to get the glass replaced in my frame first though - I noticed today as I was cleaning the frame that it has two scratches in it.

  3. It looks awesome! Love the crest on his head. Glad you've found your groove again.

  4. Wow! impressive, very cool.You did a great job.

  5. Wonderful comeback. Perfect symmetry. Nicely made. Wish to c much more of your works.


  6. This is incredible! I have long been fascinated by the Phoenix and have downloaded many images and stories of the phoenix.... You are inspiring!
    Hugs, antonella :-)

  7. wow, what an amazing piece!

  8. That's a wonderful piece of art! Quilling is perfect for feathers, but also it's great for flames! The colors you used are just amazing! Did you use any paint or inks after quilling or you managed to get the strips of the close hues and combine them so well?
    Great job done!!!

  9. Thank you everyone for the wonderful feedback!

    WhiteRacoon - I used markers after quilling to enhance the fire and some of the feathers. I also used a technique that Pat over at Whimsiquills shared with me. You take two pieces of quilling paper and roll them together to get a desired new color. In this instance, I used bright yellow together with true red to create a beautiful color for the flames. I then glued the quilled piece on a bright yellow paper and cut around the shape before putting it on the black background - which helped illuminate it further.

  10. Wonderful, Brenda! It's so nice to see your work again. Thanks for the sidebar link. What a great resource to have all the quilling sites in one place.

  11. It's great to hear that your life is getting into normal flows. I read on our common group few days before about your coming back to quilling. I hope your children are more independent now and all well.
    Your Phoenix is the great metaphor for your new beginning. Great work, great comeback! It's good to have your here!
    Best regards from Serbia.

  12. congratulations on your work is beautiful!
    Greetings Baukje

  13. Wow, that looks amazing! Amazing how you were able to get its anger out with the quilling :).


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