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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Shoutout to Sheetload!

I just found the most amazing site/blog for card makers EVER!!! It's called "Sheetload of Cards". They have card sketches and....this is the best part...the measurements for a bunch of cards (anywhere from 6 to 10 dependent upon the layout) and/or for a single card. I love it because (1) I am not good at making card "sketches" (never knew that's what they were called prior to finding this blog) and (2) it really does cut down on the amount of leftover scraps when making your own cards.

So, this post is dedicated to my SHOUT OUT TO SHEETLOAD contest - anyone entering has a chance at winning cool Fiskars border punches! Your opportunity to enter ends February 28th. The current issue of SheetLoad of Cards is out now : February '09 - Unity Stamp Company sponsors the February '09 issue.

Check out this site. Truly worth your visit if you enjoy making your own cards.

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