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Monday, September 29, 2008

Larger Dragon Image

I've received requests for a larger image of my dragon, so here it is. Sorry that it's a bit blurry. I am not good with computers and gave you the best I've got. Hope you can see it well enough.

Also, please know that although I did quill this dragon, the original design is not my own. It is a Jillian Sawyer stained glass design from her book, "Of Dragon Wings and Faerie Things."



  1. Brenda,
    What a great interpretation of a stained glass pattern into paper filigree!

    I really respect and appreciate your integrity in listing your inspiration source. Major kudos for that small, but so important gesture of courtesy towards the original design creator.

    great work!

  2. Your dragon is amazing! Great job translating it from stained glass into quilling! I have never attempted a dragon, but you are inspiring (and I think my husband would really like it)!


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