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Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Angel of Peace

This Christmas Angel is my favorite of the three I've done. I gave it as a gift to a friend, but was VERY tempted to keep it myself. But, my heart won out and it was delivered to it's rightful owner.
Some day I'm going to actually quill something for my own house! I keep saying that anyway....

Maybe next year I'll quill a nativity or a Christmas angel for my own home. The only problem is that I would probably look at my quilling and critique it continually and not really be able to appreciate it. Maybe I should get one of my quilling friends to quill something for me and then I'd look at it lovingly instead of with thoughts running through my head like "oh, I should have been more careful with the shaping of that marquis" or "I should have glued more strips together to create a fuller look". Oh well, at least those who receive my quilling aren't as critical as I am (I hope). They can appreciate it without my "your own worst critic" phobia.


  1. Thank you. It's my favorite Christmas quilling. Like I said in the blog, I had a REALLY hard time parting ways with it.

  2. Yes, but the owner LOVES it and you're not getting it back. (Maybe I'll will it to you...)

  3. Okay, deal! You can will it to me - or Mike - I'm banking on his longer life (being three months younger - guffaw!)

  4. The Angel is just beautiful. did you use a pattern for this please.


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